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Mixed Media Collage Brushes for Procreate

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A special collection of 50 dynamic mixed media brushes and 120 complimentary ephemera stamps, enabling you to create whimsical, collage style artwork right on your iPad.

With a variety of traditional and nontraditional mediums at your disposal - from pencil, chalk and crayon to cloth, paper and stitching - you'll be sure to discover fun new ways to express your style. Compliment these with the ephemera stamps to build truly unique, creative compositions.

As usual, all included brushes and elements are designed to be as realistic as possible, so that you can almost forget that you are working with a digital medium. No need to prepare a large work surface, gather supplies or buy a sewing machine - now you can create mixed media style collage art right on your iPad.


  • 50 Dynamic, mixed media Procreate brushes (in one .brushset file) including pencil, fineliner & ink, chalk, crayon, oil pastel, gesso, acrylic, splatter, embellishments, cloth, stitches, edge erasers, paper, and cardboard.
  • A special "texture solidifier" brush that can be used together with the select tool to make your paper textures solid and ready for layering (tutorial provided).
  • 120+ Ephemera stamp brushes for Procreate (in one .brushset file) sourced from public domain images, including birds, flowers, mushrooms, plants, leaves, ferns, butterflies & moths, maps, sheet music, newspapers, script, text, and old fashioned ads.
  • 3 Color Palettes (.swatches files) to give you a range of different color effects together with the brushes. 
  • A written cheat sheet explaining each brush type and how to use them, in additional to helpful tips and tricks for working with the brushes, and getting the most out of them.
  • Full video walkthrough and demo
  • A growing playlist of tutorial videos coming soon!
  • Free support: I am always happy to help with any questions or issues! For support please send me an email at
  • Community: Join other artists using these brushes to exchange tips and show off your work using our Free Facebook Group or on Instagram #alainajensenbrushes
You will get a ZIP (519MB) file


Mixed Media Project Gallery

Some of the artwork I have made with the Mixed Media Collage brushes. Click for tutorials!