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Amazing Watercolor for Procreate

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43 Dynamic Brushes, 12 Blender Brushes and 25 Texture brushes, all carefully engineered to help you make breathtakingly beautiful watercolor artwork in Procreate.

Watercolor is very unique medium when it comes to the beautiful textures and happy accidents it can create. Texture is what I love best so I have designed these brushes to highlight all these best features of watercolor - from blooms to fades and color blending - for the ultimate texture and depth in your digital watercolor artwork.

These brushes have been designed to interact with each other intuitively, like the real thing - without complicated techniques that can interrupt your creative flow. For instance you can outline a shape with and then float the paint with "water" to fill it out, all within the same brush stroke by using my "Edge & Blend" brushes. 


  • 43 Dynamic and pressure sensitive brushes for Procreate, including paper, round brushes, my intuitive Edge & Blend variations, glazing, washes, wet on wet, blooms, salt, splatters and splashes.
  • 12 Specially formulated blender brushes to add "water" to your piece in a variety of different ways used in real watercolor techniques. 
  • 12 Dynamic watercolor texture brushes, with an extra Dual Color version for each. Use these to make unique backgrounds, add texture to shapes, or cover large areas.
  • 8 Color palettes based on actual watercolors from popular brands, in addition to a mineral paint palette, Mica Shimmer palette, paper colors and greenery.
  • A written cheat sheet explaining each brush type and how to use them.
  • Full video tutorial and walkthrough
  • A growing playlist of demo videos for different techniques and looks.
  • Free support: I am always happy to help with any questions or issues! For support please send me an email at
  • Community: Join other artists using these brushes to exchange tips and show off your work using our Free Facebook Group or on Instagram #galaxybrushes or #alainajensenbrushes
You will get a ZIP (501MB) file