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Pressed Flower brushes for Procreate - Herbarium vol. 2

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A collection of over 200 dynamic brushes and 93 Stamps made from real pressed flowers, for making gorgeously flowery creations in the Procreate app, right on your ipad!

These brushes were made from real flowers, personally collected and purchased from across England and Wales for the past several years, carefully pressed and then scanned at high resolution. Including a combination of both stamps and dynamic brushes which respond to pressure and direction for a unique result every time.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of pressed flowers as an art form a medium to create colorful and textureful collages. Now you can use this unique “Build a Flower” system to create pressed flower collages right on your ipad, piece by piece.

What's Included:

  • A "Build a Flower" brush folder containing the following
    • 44 Dynamic flower brushes for creating blossoms with either a circle or semi circle.
    • 93 Flower stamps
    • 2 Stamen brushes
    • 13 Stem & Leaf brushes including sepals (the green base of a flower).
    • 1 Solidifier brush for making the elements solid - enabling you to layer them without them being see-through (process explained in video).
  • A "Multi Flower" brush folder containing dual color, scattered flower brushes, including
    • 95 Multi Flower
    • 12 Petal
    • 38 Flower Line
  • 2 Swatch files including containing colors that are optimised to work well with the pressed flower brushes.
  • A written cheat sheet explaining each brush type and how to use them, and all other important details.
  • Full video walkthrough and demo (see above).
  • A growing playlist of tutorial videos coming soon!
  • Free support: I am always happy to help with any questions or issues! For support please send me an email at
  • Community: Join other artists using these brushes to exchange tips and show off your work using our Free Facebook Group or on Instagram #alainajensenbrushes
You will get a ZIP (1GB) file