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Iridescent & Holographic Brushes for Procreate

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40 Brushes in both Iridescent and Holographic varieties (80 total). These dazzling, color shifting brushes provide a sprinkling of magic to any project.

This brush set contains two versions (Holographic and Iridescent) of the same 40 brushes. Both versions have color changing properties but they differ in the range of color change. 

Holographic - A broad range of colors that gets even broader with pressure applied, so that nearly the whole rainbow can come out in one stroke. Great for high drama, colourful projects and unpredictable "happy accidents." 

Iridescent - The brush texture shows up in one main color of your choice, but also shifts to nearby colors on the color wheel. Iridescent brushes are ideal for projects where you want to have more control.


  • Two sets of 40 dynamic and pressure sensitive brushes for Procreate - Holographic and Iridescent.
  • Brush variations include lettering, foil, cracked foil, loose glitter, solid glitter, glitter flakes, gradients, and various sparkly, intuitively named textures like Prismatic, Shimmering Silk and Broken Glass
  • 2 Color Palettes with carefully tested colors to give you a range of different color effects together with the brushes. 
  • A written cheat sheet explaining each brush type and how to use them, in additional to helpful tips and tricks for working with the brushes, choosing colors, and getting the most out of them.
  • Full video tutorial and walkthrough
  • A growing playlist of demo videos for different techniques and looks.
  • Free support: I am always happy to help with any questions or issues! For support please send me an email at
  • Community: Join other artists using these brushes to exchange tips and show off your work using our Free Facebook Group or on Instagram #galaxybrushes or #alainajensenbrushes
You will get a ZIP (427MB) file