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A Free resource library

If you are a digital artist who uses the Procreate app, looking for a way to learn digital abstract art in a nurturing and fun environment, this free resource library is for you!

Maybe you've been told that digital art is not "real art"

...or you are drawn to abstract art but you're afraid that yours won't be "good enough."

Or maybe you're already a seasoned artist looking to improve your skills & find community

No matter your situation, we are ready to welcome you to a library of free resources that will help you on your journey.

Free Sampler Brush Bundle

A collection of 25 of my premium brushes - all are made from original sources and optimised for ease of use right out of the box.

More Brushes Included

Signature Stamp Template

Stamp your artwork with your name or logo. Tutorial included.

Dynamic Glitter Brush

Choose your color and glitter away! Included in the Sampler Bundle.

Watercolor brush & Canvas

Create a whole watercolor painting with this one versatile brush.

Color Palettes

Free Procreate color palettes which correspond with artwork created in my video tutorials. Easily use the search function to find and download the palette you need for your project.


All my free tutorials from my Youtube channel, but arranged logically like a course so that you can easily keep track of your progress!

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by Alaina Jensen

Digital artist, brush maker, online educator and texture whisperer, prone to creative obsessions. I live in rural Hertfordshire, U.K. and have been creating art and design resources for fellow creatives since 2014.