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2021 Annual Bundle by Alaina Jensen

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This bundle includes 6 brush sets which were released in 2021 - Painterly, Galaxy, Amazing Watercolor, Iridescent & Holographic, Acrylic Pour and Mixed Media Collage. 

Please note: the 2020 Bundle & The 2021 Bundle do not include any of the same brush sets.

  • Painterly Oil & Acrylic - 46 Dynamic, carefully engineered oil, acrylic, impressionist, canvas & texture brushes for Procreate - no stamps, special canvas, or elaborate effects - just amazing brushes.
  • Galaxy Brushes - 55 Dynamic Brushes and 43 Stamp brushes, all carefully engineered to help you make breathtakingly beautiful galaxy and nebula art in Procreate.
  • Amazing Watercolor - 43 Dynamic Brushes, 12 Blender Brushes and 25 Texture brushes, all carefully engineered to help you make breathtakingly beautiful watercolor artwork in Procreate.
  • Holographic & Iridescent - 40 Brushes in both Iridescent and Holographic varieties (80 total). These dazzling, color shifting brushes provide a sprinkling of magic to any project.
  • Acrylic Pour - 35 Specially formulated brushes that will finally allow you to create Acrylic Pour artwork, complete with cells, right on your iPad! No more messy paint cleanup, just pure intuitive, artistic joy.
  • Mixed Media Collage - A special collection of 50 dynamic mixed media brushes and 120 complimentary ephemera stamps, enabling you to create whimsical, collage style artwork right on your iPad.
If you need support, you can email me at and I will be very happy to help!
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (312MB)
  • ZIP (340MB)
  • ZIP (501MB)
  • ZIP (427MB)
  • ZIP (315MB)
  • ZIP (519MB)

Included Products

Mixed Media Collage Brushes for Procreate


Acrylic Pour Brushes for Procreate


Iridescent & Holographic Brushes for Procreate


Painterly Brushes for Procreate


Amazing Watercolor for Procreate


Galaxy Brushes for Procreate



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